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  • a Dead letter—no longer in use
  • a Deadlock—a position in which no progress can be made
  • a Dog in the manger—a selfish policy
  • a Drawn game or battle—in which no party wins
  • Dark horse—a competition of unknown capabilities
  • Dead of night—in the middle of
  • Dead shot—a marksman whose aim never goes wrong
  • Deal in—to trade in something, to be busy with something
  • Democle’s sword—an impending danger
  • Die down—reduce to zero slowly, to diminish and finish
  • Die hard—customs that require a long period to die out
  • Dirt cheap—very cheap
  • Do away with—reject, get rid of
  • Do one proud—to give cause for feeling proud
  • Do up—put in better condition
  • Down and out—completely beaten
  • Draw in—to pull into something
  • Dress down—to scold, censure, rebuke
  • Dutch courage—fictitious courage induced somehow
    • to be Dashed to the ground—to fail
    • to Dance attendance upon—to wait on somebody always
    • to Dance to one’s tune—to carry out orders
    • to Decline with thanks—to refuse or neglect
    • to Die in harness—to die while working till death
    • to Do full justice—to have one’s fill, to do a thing thoroughly
    • to Drive home—to lay emphasis on, to make something very clear

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