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  • at the Eleventh hour—at the last moment
  • Eat into—to destroy
  • Eat one out of house and home—to eat in a gluttonous manner
  • Eat one’s heart out—to worry excessively
  • Eat one’s words—to take back one’s words
  • Eat out of one’s hand—give no trouble
  • Enough and to spare—in plenty
  • Every inch—completely
  • Eye for eye—tit for tat
  • Eye wash—means of deceit
    • to Eat humble pie—to offer an humble apology
    • to Eat one’s words—to go back on one’s promise, to back out
    • to Egg on—to keep urging regarding something
    • to End in smoke—to come to nothing
    • to Extend the hand of friendship—to express a desire for friendship

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