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  • a Fair hand—a beautiful and clear hand
  • a Fair weather friend—a selfish friend
  • a Fatal disease—a disease that ends in death
  • a Far cry—a long way or distance
  • a Feather in one’s cap—another achievement to be proud of
  • a Fish out of water—to be in an uncomfortable position
  • a Flying visit—a hasty and brief visit
  • a Fool’s paradise—state of joy based on false hopes
  • by Fits and starts—irregularly
  • Face to face—personally
  • Fair play—impartial treatment
  • Fall flat—collapse, flop, fail to generate interest
  • Fall foul of—to incur the disfavour of
  • Fall over one another—to try and do something before others
  • Fed up—to be tired of to be sick of
  • Few and far between—few and rare
  • First and foremost—important
  • Flesh and blood—human nature
  • Fly at—attack
  • Fly in the face of discretion—foolishly take a course that is not logical
  • Fly off at a tangent—to start discussing something totally irrelevant
  • For good—for ever
  • Foul play—bad intentions
  • From hand to mouth—a miserable existence
    • to Face the music—to face trouble, to face consequences of one’s actions
    • to Fall to the ground—to come to nothing
    • to Fan the flames—to increase excitement
    • to Feather one’s nest—to care for one’s selfish interest
    • to Feel at home—to feel happy or at ease
    • to Fight shy of—to attempt to avoid a thing or person
    • to Fish in troubled waters—to take advantage of the troubles of others
    • to Fizzle out—failed out gradually
    • to Flog a dead horse—to waste one’s energy and time
    • to Fly in the face of—to insult
    • to Follow in the foot-steps of—to follow somebody’s example
    • to Follow suit—to follow example of
    • to Foot the bill—to pay the bill

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