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  • Gala day—a day of rejoicings
  • Gift of the gab—fluency of speech
  • Give and take—the making of mutual concessions, quid pro quo
  • Give currency to—to give wide publicity
  • Go in for—to take up as an occupation
  • Go off the deep end—to lose temper
  • Go the rounds—be circulated
  • Grain of salt—to believe only a part of statement
    • to be Greek—unintelligible, not clear
    • to be a Good hand at—to be expert
    • to Gain ground—to progress
    • to Get at the bottom of—to find out the truth
    • to Get away with—to do something without the fear of any repercussion
    • to Get back at—to retaliate
    • to Get down to brass tacks—decide about the practical details
    • to Get into a mess—to get into muddle
    • to Get into a scrap—to be involved in a difficult situation
    • to Get into hot water—to get into scrap, to get into trouble
    • to Get on one’s nerves—to be a source of worry
    • to Get the better of—to overpower, to defeat
    • to Get the sack—to be dismissed
    • to Get the upper hand—to become stronger, to get the better position
    • to Get wind of—to come to know of
    • to Gird up one’s loins—to prepare oneself for a work
    • to Give a bit or a piece of one’s mind—to rebuke; to scold
    • to Give a person the cold shoulder—to show a person apathy
    • to Give a slip—to escape
    • to Give a wide berth to—to avoid, to keep aloof from
    • to Give away—to reveal, betray, disclose
    • to Give chapter and verse—to give full proof
    • to Give in—to yield to pressure, to succumb
    • to Give oneself airs—to assume a superior attitude, to feel proud
    • to Give quarter to—to have sympathy with
    • to Give the cold shoulder—to receive in a cold and careless manner
    • to Give way—collapse, replace by
    • to Go against the grain—against one’s likings
    • to Go all out for—to make the maximum possible effort
    • to Go by—to judge something by
    • to Go easy—not to use excessively
    • to Go hand in hand—to go together
    • to Go Scot free—to escape unpunished
    • to Go the whole hog—to go to the fullest extent; to agree
    • to Go through fire and water—to make every sacrifice
    • to Go to dogs—to be utterly ruined
    • to Go to the wall—to be ruined to, be hard pressed
    • to Go with the current—to follow the general trend
    • to Go without saying—to be clear
    • to Go home to—to appeal
    • to Grease the palm—to bribe

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