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  • a Hair breadth escape—a narrow escape
  • a Hard nut to crack—a difficult problem, a stubborn person
  • Hair standing on end—a sign of fear and surprise
  • Hale and hearty—very healthy and sound
  • Hammer and tongs—with all might
  • Hand in gloves with—on very intimate terms
  • Hang by a thread—to be in a miserable condition
  • Hang heavy—difficult to pass
  • Happy go lucky—careless, depending on good luck
  • Hard and fast—strict
  • Hard of hearing—somewhat deaf
  • Hard up—in financial difficulty
  • Haunted house—in which ghosts or spirits are supposed to live
  • Heads and shoulders above others—very superior
  • Heart and soul—with full energy
  • Heels of Achilles—vulnerable point
  • Henpecked—a husband under the control or thumb of his wife
  • Herculean task—a work requiring great efforts
  • High spirits—to be very happy
  • High time—proper time
  • Hobson’s choice—no choice at all
  • Hold good—to be valid
  • Hold on—to continue efforts
  • Hold out—not yield
  • Hole and corner—secret and underhand
  • Horns of dilemma—to be in a fix
  • Hue and cry—to raise a great cry and or stir, to raise alarm
  • Hush money—a bribe, price of silence
    • to be Hoisted with one’s petard—to be killed with one’s own sword
    • to Hammer out—to plan, to devise
    • to Hang in the balance—undecided
    • to Hang fire—delayed
    • to Harp on the same string or scheme—to talk continuously of the same matter
    • to Have a bee in one’s bonnet—to take the remarks seriously
    • to Have a finger in every pie—to interfere unnecessarily
    • to Have a windfall—unexpected good fortune
    • to Have an old head on young shoulders—ripe in wisdom but young in years
    • to Have one’s hands full—to be very busy
    • to Have one’s way—to do one’s own will
    • to Hit below the belt—to be mean, to fight unfairly
    • to Hit the ceiling—to give an outlet to anger
    • to Hit the nail on the head—to do what is proper at a proper time
    • to Hold a brief—to support be action or influence
    • to Hold a candle to—to be equal to, to be comparable to the other
    • to Hope against hope—to entertain hope when thee is no hope
    • to Hold the baby—be burdened with a task that should be shared by others too
    • to Hold one’s own—to maintain one’s position boldly
    • to Hold water—to be valid

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