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  • an Iron hand—severe hand
  • an Iron will—strong determination
  • an Irony of fate—happening of events contrary to natural expectations
  • In a nut-shell—briefly, as a summary
  • In black and white—in writing
  • In cold blood—cruelly
  • In full swing—in great progress
  • In the air—wide-spread, prevalent
  • In the course of—during
  • In the face of—in spite of
  • In the guise of—in the dress of
  • In the light of—keeping in view
  • In the long run—in the end
  • In the nick of time—just in time
  • In the teeth of—in the face of
  • In the twinkling of an eye—in no time
  • In the wake of—behind
  • In tune with—in keeping with
  • In vogue—to be in fashion
  • Ins and outs—full details
  • Iron out—smoothen
    • to be In one’s elements—in one’s proper sphere

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