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  • Keep to—stick to, adhere to
  • Keep up with—to keep pace with
  • Kick up the dust—to create disturbance
  • Kith and kin—relatives
    • to Keep a good table—to entertain
    • to Keep a straight face—to avoid smiling or laughing
    • to Keep abreast of—to be familiar with
    • to Keep body and soul together—to remain alive
    • to Keep one’s head—to remain mentally calm in an emergency
    • to Keep one’s head above water—to tide over difficulty, to escape debt
    • to Keep the ball rolling—to maintain interest of a conversation
    • to Keep the powder dry—to be ready for any work
    • to Keep the wolf from the door—to keep away, hunger and starvation
    • to Keep up appearances—to maintain outward show
    • to Kick up a row—to make a great noise
    • to Knock down—to defeat
    • to Knock off—to reduce; stop working

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