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  • a Left-handed compliment—a false praise
  • at a Low ebb—on the decline
  • Labour of love—work undertaken not for profit but for service
  • Laughing stock—an object of ridicule
  • Lay off—to remove from work
  • Leap in the dark—a careless action
  • Lend oneself to—allow to be carried away
  • Let down—to fail to keep promise
  • Let off—released
  • Let up—to be sluggish
  • to the Letter—completely
  • Life and soul—main figure
  • Lion’s share—a major share
  • Live up to—to maintain certain standards
  • Loaves and fishes—material comforts
  • Lock, stock and barrel—with all belongings
  • Look blue—to feel nervous r depressed
  • Look down one’s nose—to regard others contemptuously
  • Look forward to—to expect with pleasure
  • Look on—watch carefully
  • Look out—take care
  • Look to—to request for help
  • Look up—to verify
  • Look up to—to admire something/someone
    • to Land an ear—to listen to
    • to Land on one’s feet—to be lucky
    • to Laugh in one’s sleeves—to laugh in secret but not openly
    • to Lead a cat and dog life—to lead a life of constant quarrelling
    • to Lead a dog’s life—to lead a miserable life
    • to Lead astray—to misguide
    • to Leave in the lurch—to leave in time of difficulty and trouble
    • to Leave no stone unturned—to make all possible efforts
    • to Let bygones be bygones—to ignore the past
    • to Let off steam—to react aggressively to release the tensions
    • to Lie in wait for—to wait for in concealment
    • to Live in glass-houses—to be open to criticism
    • to Lose head—to lose balance of mind, to be proud

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