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  • a Man of straw—a man with no voice or will of his own
  • a Moot point—a point or question still open to discussion
  • Maiden speech—a speech made for the first time
  • Man in the street—an ordinary person
  • Man of letters—a scholar with literary tastes
  • Man of moment—an important person
  • Man of word—a reliable person
  • Much ado about nothing—to make fuss
    • to Make a clean sweep of—to remove
    • to Make a dash—to go quickly
    • to Make a mark—to distinguish oneself
    • to Make a mess of—to bungle
    • to Make a mountain of mole hill—to exaggerate difficulties or trifles
    • to Make a pint of—to do something (certainly)
    • to Make amends for—to compensate for damage or injury
    • to Make an example of—to punish someone to make it a warning to others
    • to Make away with—to carry off
    • to Make both ends meet—to live within one’s income
    • to Make do without—to manage without something
    • to Make free with—to take liberty with
    • to Make hay while the sun shines—to make the best use of the opportunity
    • to Make headway—to progress slowly and steadily
    • to Make light of—to treat lightly, to attach no importance
    • to Make much of—to make an issue of something trivial
    • to Make neither head nor tail of—not to understand
    • to Make one’s way—to succeed, to prosper
    • to Make the flesh creep
    • to Make the heart bleed—to be filled with sorrow or pity
    • to Make up—to compensate
    • to Make up one’s mind—to resolve
    • to Make up with—to compose one’s differences
    • to Make way—to make room for others wide of the Mark—irrelevant

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