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  • Odds and ends—different things, big and small
  • Off hand—without previous preparation
  • Of no avail—of no use
  • Of one’s own accord—of one’s own free will
  • On one’s last legs—about to fall
  • On the sly—privately
  • On the spur of the moment—without any deliberation, at once
  • Order of the day—something common or general
  • Out of pocket—without money, short of
  • Out of the wood—out of danger or difficulty
  • Once for all—finally
  • Out of joint—in disorder and confusion
  • On the face of it—apparently
  • On the ground of—for
    • to be On the lookout for—to be in the search of
    • to be On the right scent—to be going in right direction
    • to be On the right side of—to be less than or below
    • to be On the wane—to decline
    • to be On the wrong side of—to be more than

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