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  • Pillar to post—form one place of shelter to another
  • Point blank—frankly
  • Pros and cons—arguments for and against
    • to Pay in the same coin—to give tit for tat
    • to Pay lip service—sympathy, to pretend to be faithful
    • to Pay off old scores—to have revenge
    • to Play ducks and drakes—to spend lavishly
    • to Play fast and loose—to say one thing and to do another (be inconsistent)
    • to Play into the hands of—to be under the control of
    • to Play second fiddle—to be in a subordinate position
    • to Play to the gallery—to appeal to lower taste
    • to Play truant—to stay away form class
    • to Plead quality—to confess one’s crime
    • to Pocket an insult—to bear insult quietly
    • to Poison one’s ears—to prejudice
    • to Poke one’s nose—to interfere with
    • to Pull a long face—to look sad and worried
    • to Pull one’s legs—to make a fool of
    • to Put a spoke in one’s wheel—to hinder one’s progress
    • to Put heads together—to consult
    • to Put one’s foot down—to show determination
    • to Put the best foot forward—to do one’s best
    • to Put the cart before the horse—to do things in a wrong manner

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