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Phrasal Verbs

Many verbs (called ‘phrasal verbs’), when followed by various prepositions or adverbs, acquire an idiomatic sense. Some examples are given below:

Example :

  • She backed up (supported) his boyfriend’s claim.
  • The current disturbances will soon blow over (pass off).
  • The investigating officer produced evidence to bear out (substantiate) the charge of corruption.
  • You must not build your hopes upon (rely upon) his promises.
  • The matter has been cleared up (explained).
  • I readily closed with (accepted) his offer.
  • He is ready to dispose of (sell) his car for Rs 1,500.
  • Rust has eaten away (corroded) the plate.
  • They fixed upon (chose) him to do the work.
  • The habit of chewing tobacco has been growing upon
    (is having stronger and stronger hold over) him.
  • About a day ago I saw a beggar hanging about (loitering about) our bungalow.
  • These events led up to (culminated in) the establishment of a republic.
  • During excavations one of the workmen lighted upon (chanced to find, discovered) a gold idol.
  • During her long illness she often longed for (desired) death.
  • I could not prevail on (persuade, induce) him to attend the meeting.
  • For years I could not shake off (get rid of) my malaria.
  • I threatened to show him up (expose him).
  • All eyes turned to him because he was the only person who could stave off (prevent, avert) the impending war.
  • He is sticking out for (persists in demanding) better terms.
  • I must think the matter over (i.e., consider it).
  • Train up (educate) a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.
  • That fellow trumped up (concocted, fabricated) a story.
  • He seems to be well off (in comfortable circumstances).

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