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  • a Rainy day—a time of difficulty or poverty
  • a Red letter day—auspicious day of rejoicing, lucky and important day
  • a Red rag to a bull—highly irritating, a cause for anger
  • a Rolling stone—one who is never constant to one work or the other
  • a Rough diamond—an illiterate but noble person
  • a Royal road—an easy way to achieve an end
  • Rain or shine—under all circumstances
  • Red tapism—official formalities causing excessive delays
  • Right hand man—a very useful person on whom one can depend
  • Rise from the ranks—to rise from a humble position
  • Root and branch—completely, entirely
  • Run over—go over
  • the Rank and file—the masses
    • to Rack one’s brains—to think hard
    • to Read between the lines—to read carefully
    • to Rest on one’s laurels—to rest satisfied with the honours already won
    • to Rest on one’s oars—to rest after hard work
    • to Ride roughshod over—to be inconsiderable or cruel
    • to Rise to the occasion—to be found equal to the task
    • to Rub shoulders with—to come in close touch with
    • to Run amuck—to go mad
    • to Run down—weak in health
    • to Run riot—to wander without restraint
    • to Run the gauntlet—to undergo severe criticism

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