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  • a Thorn in the flesh—to be a source of anger or displeasure
  • a Turncoat—a person who changes opinions
  • a Turning point—anything that brings change
  • on Tenterhooks—in a state of suspense and anxiety
  • Take ill—fall ill; consider unfavourably
  • Take the cake—to be the topmost
  • Tall talk—boastful and exaggerated talk
  • Thankless task—a selfless work for which we cannot expect anything
  • The thin edge of the wedge—small beginning with bright future
  • The three R’s—reading, writing and arithmetic
  • Through thick and thin—under all circumstances
  • Tied to the apron string of—to be dependent upon somebody
    • to be Taken aback—to be extremely surprised
    • to Take a fancy to—to like something
    • to Take a leaf out of another’s book—to follow somebody’s example
    • to Take a thing lying down—to pocket an insult without a murmur
    • to Take after—to resemble in features
    • to Take an issue—to quarrel
    • to Take away one’s breath—to surprise
    • to Take by storm—to conquer rapidly
    • to Take exception to—to object
    • to Take French leave—leave without permission
    • to Take heart—to pluck up courage
    • to Take off the hat to—show respect
    • to Take one’s cue—to take a hint
    • to Take root—to become firmly established
    • to Take stock of—to observe and estimate
    • to Take the bull by the horns—to face a difficulty boldly
    • to Take the lead—to surge ahead in a competition
    • to Take the plunge—to take a bold decision
    • to Take time by the forelock—to act at once, to avoid delay
    • to Take to heart—to feel
    • to Take to heels—to run away
    • to Take to task—to call to account, to scold, to require explanation
    • to Take up the cudgels—to defend, to fight for somebody’s claims
    • to Talk shop—to discuss exclusively of one’s business on profession
    • to Talk (someone) into—persuade by talking
    • to Talk (someone) out of—to discourage
    • to Talk through a hat—to exaggerate or bluff or make wild statement
    • to the Tune of—to the amount of
    • to Throw cold water on—to discourage
    • to Throw down the gauntlet—to give an open challenge
    • to Throw mud at—to abuse, to vilify
    • to Tip off—to give a secret hint
    • to Turn a deaf ear to—to refuse to listen to
    • to Turn one’s head—to be proud
    • to Turn over a new leaf—a change for the better
    • to Turn tail—to withdraw cowardly
    • to Turn the corner—to pass the critical stage
    • to Turn the tables on—to reverse the situation
    • to Turn turtle—to upset, to capsize
  • Tooth and nail—furiously, violently
  • True to one’s salt—to be loyal to someone
  • Twinkling of an eye—very quickly

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