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  • a Wet blanket—kill joy, a dull fellow who spoils our joy
  • a White elephant—an expensive burdensome but use less thing
  • a White lie—a harmless lie
  • a Wild goose chase—a foolish and useless search
  • a Wolf in a sheep’s clothing—a hypocrite, a deceiver
    • to be Within an ace of—almost nearly
    • to Wash one’s hands of—to have no connection
    • to Weather the storm—to come out safely through a difficulty
    • to While away—to pass in amusement
    • to Win laurels—to achieve success or win fame
    • to Wind up—to bring to an end
  • Wait upon—to serve
  • Walk over—very easy victory
  • Wash out—quite dull
  • Wear and tear—decrease in value due to constant use
  • Wide of the mark—beside the purpose
  • Willy-nilly—somehow or the other
  • Windfall—unexpected good fortune
  • With a grain of salt—with some reservation, not at the face value of
  • With a vengeance—excessively
  • With open arms—warmly and cordially
  • Word of mouth—a solemn promise

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