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What do we Understand by Logical Links?

Before we move ahead, let us consider some statements which will help us in getting a clear picture of Logical Links in our mind:

  • If it rains then the farmers will be happy.
  • Either my party will secure majority in the parliament or my government will resign.
  • If India does not win a gold medal in chess in the Doha Asian Games, then Indians will not be happy.
  • If America mobilizes or Britain protests to the UN, then China will call for a meeting of all the Asian countries.

In all the given statements, there are one or two key words playing the maximum role in deciding the direction and nature of the statement like, if the statement has a negative connotation or it brings an element of uncertainty or causes a concern or brings some conditionality.

In the first example, the combination “If – then” is working like a conditional clause. In the second example, the combination “either – or”; in the third example, the combination “If not – then” and similarly, in the fourth statement, the combination “If – then” works as a Logical Link.

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