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Description: 16-11.tif

A pyramid is a solid having an n-sided polygon at its base. The side faces of a pyramid are triangular with the top as a point.
Description: 16-12.tif 

In the above figures OM is the height of the pyramid.
  • Volume = Description: 2290.png× Area of the base × height
    1. Lateral Surface Area (LSA) = Description: 2294.png× (Perimeter of the base) × slant height
    2. Total Surface Area (TSA) = LSA + Area of the base

Frustum of Pyramid

A pyramid whose top portion is sliced off by a plane which is parallel to the base is called the frustum of a pyramid.
Description: 13614.png 

In the above figure, A1 is the area of the top face of the frustum, A2 is the area of the bottom face of the frustum, h is the height of the frustum and l is the slant height of the frustum.
  • Volume = Description: 2303.png
    1. Lateral Surface Area (LSA) = Description: 2312.png(P1 + P2)Description: 2316.png
      where P1 and P2 are perimeters of the top and the bottom faces.
    2. Total surface Area (TSA) = Description: 2321.pngS.A. + A1 + A2

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