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Right Circular Cone

Description: 13580.png

In the above figure ‘r’ is the radius of the base, h is the height andDescription: 2224.pngis the slant height of the right circular cone.
  • Volume = Description: 2233.png × area of the base × height
    Volume = Description: 2242.pngπr2h
    1. Slant height = Description: 2246.png
    2. Curved surface area (CSA) = πrDescription: 2255.png
    3. Total surface area (TSA) = (CSA + Area of the base)
      TSA = πrDescription: 2259.png + πr2

Frustum of Cone

A cone whose top portion is sliced off by a plane which is parallel to the base is called frustum of cone.
Formation of frustum:
Description: 13592.png 

However, for the sake of representing the formula, we will use another form of frustum right now as given below:
Description: 13657.png
In the above figure, r is the radius of the base, h is the vertical height of the frustum and λ is the slant height of the frustum.
  • Volume = Description: 2263.png
    1. Slant height = Description: 2272.png
    2. Curved Surface Area (CSA) = π(R + r) λ
    3. Total Surface Area (TSA) = CSA + Area of the Top + Area of the base
      TSA = π(R + r) λ + πr2 + πR2
      TSA = π(Rλ + rλ + r2 + R2)
    4. To find the height (H) of original cone.
      Description: 2281.png

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