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Pie Chart Calculation Technique

The following figure shows the sales of Due North Inc. for the year 2002-2003 and 2003-2004. It is also given that the share of North India in the total sales figure is 20% and 24% for the two respective years.
Description: 47907.png
Description: 47901.png

The total sales for 2002-2003 is Rs 1202 crores and for 2003-2004, it is Rs 1381 crores.

What is the percentage growth in the sales value of North India in 2003-2004 over the sales value of 2002-2003?
The normal way of doing this question is –
Sales value of North India in 2002-2003
= Rs 240.4 crores
Sales value of North India in 2003-2004
= Rs 331.4 crores
So, growth = Rs 91 crore
So, Percentage growth =
Description: 47895.png
Alternatively, there are percentage increases in two factors of the given pie-charts, i.e., share is increasing from 20% to 24% and then the total sales value is increasing from Rs 1202 crores to Rs 1381 crores.
Rather than calculating the sales value of the individual years, we can directly calculate the net percentage change by calculating the percentage changes independently in the above mentioned two factors.

Percentage growth in share = 20%
Description: 47889.png 

Percentage growth in total value  15% approx.
So, 100 → 20%↑ → 120 → 15%↑ → 138, OR
100 → 15%↑ → 115 → 20%↑ → 138
So, net percentage growth = 38%

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