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What is Reading Comprehension?


Reading comprehension section in the CAT is the advanced version of the reading comprehension asked back school. Historically, the passages in the CAT have ranged from 350-1300 words, followed by a set of few questions. The passages are drawn from areas like pure Sciences, Social Sciences, Medicine, Art, Literature, Technology, etc. A student is supposed to answer the questions in light of the information given in the passage within the stipulated time. The ability of the student to make sense of the information and ideas presented in the passage is put to test through questions with multiple choice answers. More specifically, a person’s ability to understand standard written English, analyse complex ideas, and ability to draw inferences from the written material is put to test.

The significance of Reading Comprehension, commonly known as RC can be gauged from the fact that almost half the questions in the Verbal Section are based on Reading Comprehension. Many students find RC to be tough and challenging, but with consistent practice, and patience, the art of Reading Comprehension can be mastered.

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