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Test Your Learning (Article)

​Test Your Learning 1
Fill up the blanks with an appropriate article
  1. One should be _____ honorable man.
  2. _____ Ganga is _____ legendary river.
  3. _____ able man is not always rewarded in life.
  4. It is honest man’s policy to speak _____ truth.
  5. We have no time to see _____ blue sky.
  6. Aladdin had _____ magic lamp.
  7. She returned after _____ hour.
  8. _____ college will shortly close for the Holi holidays.
  9. Beneras is _____ holy city.
  10. Tomorrow _____ European will meet at the Taj.
  11. Who says Portuguese is _____ easy language?
  12. _____ French defeated the Britishers.
  13. She had come in rains without _____ umbrella.
  14. This is _____ untidy room.
  15. The boys found _____ egg in the room.
  16. If you happen to meet him, give him _____ message.
  17. The traveler knows _____ way.
  18. Srilanka is _____ island.
  19. We should discuss _____ matter seriously.
  20. He looks as expressionless as _____ owl.
  21. The man is _____ honour to the institution.

Test Your Learning (Adjectives and Adverbs)

​Test Your Learning 2
Direction: Decide whether each word in bold is being used correctly. If not, correct it.
  1. Come quick or we will miss the bus.
  2. My father drives the car so slow that I am afraid someone will hit the car from behind.
  3. I have never been more surer of anything in my life.
  4. Sama was the best of the two sisters.
  5. You did that act so good.
  6. Rumana felt badly about forgetting Faisal’s birthday.
  7. This is the worst oil spill I have ever seen.
  8. The jasmine has bloomed and smells very sweet.
  9. You look angrily. What did I do?
  10. She looked suspiciously at the man wearing the coat.
  11. These tree looks as though it is infested with insects.
  12. Those bushes need to be trimmed.
  13. When was the last time Tanay had no allergy symptoms and felt good?
  14. In the library, you have to be more quieter than when you are outside.
  15. Priyanka felt good about getting her puppy.
  16. She has a more better approach to solving that problem.
  17. Which is the worst, a toothache or a head ache?
  18. She reached swift, which made him feel badly about insulting her.
  19. The herbs in the food tasted bitter.
  20. Ria fought bitterly against her in-laws for custody of their daughter.
Test Your Learning 3

Fill in the blanks with “Few”, “A Few”, or “The Few”.
  1. There are __________ friends who remain faithful in hard times.
  2. He has only _____ friends.
  3. _______________ friends he has are really faithful to him.
  4. _______________ passengers were injured in the accident.
  5. _______________ passengers injured in the accident have been given first aid.
  6. _______________ books I had have all gone out of course.
  7. _______________ books would serve my purpose.
  8. A good man has _______________ enemies.

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