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Relationship Between Time, Speed and Distance

As we know, Distance = Speed × Time
It means that if a person is running at a speed of 20 km/h and he runs for 2 h, he will be covering a total distance of 40 km.
Distance = 20 × 2 = 40 km


When an object is moving with a certain speed in a particular time, the displacement made by an object is called the distance.

Unit of Distance Kilometre (km) and metre (m) is usually taken as the unit of distance.

Sometimes, mile or feet, etc., can be found as the unit.


Time is defined as a quantity, which governs the order or sequence of an occurrence. In the absence of time, the actual sequence of any occurrence or incident would be lost. If we did not have the concept of time, we would not be able know in what period or in what order something took place.
So, time could be seen as a big building with a number of floors where all the floors are designated according to the occurrence of incidents/events on the respective floors. In our case time shall be seen as the duration of happening of any event.
Unit of Time Hour and second are mostly taken as the unit of time. However, day or minute are also taken as units.


Speed is defined as the distance covered per unit time. In other words, it is the rate at which the distance is covered.
Unit of Speed Though we commonly take km/hour and metre/sec as the units of speed. Yet, any unit of distance upon any unit of time can be taken as the unit of speed.
For example, mile/h, feet/s, mile/s, feet/h, etc.
Conversion from m/s to km/h and vice versa
If speed is given in m/s and it is required to convert it into km/h, then we multiply it by Description: 3109.png and when speed is given in km/h and we have to convert it into m/s, we multiply it by Description: 3118.png.
36 km/h = 36 × Description: 3127.png = 10 m/s
20 m/s = 20 × Description: 3131.png = 72 km/h

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