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Tender Skin Cosmetology Academy

The number of professionally trained practitioners of aesthetic medicine / beauty care is far lower than required to serve the community.

Professionals wishing to practice cosmetic medicine hail from the medical community of physicians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and from other allied and non-medical fields that include laser technicians, cosmetologists, beauticians etc.
In most cosmetic clinics or similar set-ups, highly specialised procedures are being administered by non-medical staff instead of trained physicians, which may not have received adequate training and not have the skills to carry out these sensitive medical acts.

TSI Academy was started to fill the need - gap in the market for trained professionals in this booming beauty care industry and has also empowered over 350 students since it started in 2010. Our education and training center, provides technical training not only to students wishing to take up Cosmetology as a career but also imparts training to professionals in the field wishing to up-grade their skills.

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