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Tattoo Pigments

They are inert powders, ie,.

White – TiO2.

Red – Cinnabar, Mercuric sulphate.

Brown – FeO2.

Black- Iron oxide.


Pigment Deposition occurs uniformly in upper &mid papillary dermis (1-2mm)

If < 1mm, then pigment extrusion occurs by 2 weeks.

If > 2mm, then there are of pigment migration or washing out by macrophages after 2-3 months & the colour becomes less intense.


The first lasers used for tattoo removal were Argon & CO2.

Others lasers for tattoo removal include: Q- switched Ruby.

Q- switched Alexandrite.

Q- switched Nd:Yag.


Of all the above mentioned lasers, Q-switched Nd:Yag laser is the most commonly used.

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