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Classification of Skin

Normal Skin (pH 5.5 to 5.6)


This type of skin is rather unfortunately rare. It is balanced between the dry and the oily skin type, but tends to go drier as years go by. The normal skin is firm with good muscle tone. It is soft and smooth and as a healthy colour. The pores are tight and the skin tends to have a translucent glow.

Dry Skin

There is a lack of lubrication caused by an under secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands. The dry skin can also become dehydrated due to lack of moisture content. This skin condition can be easily recognized by fine lines around the eyes and mouth.

The skin is often rough and flaky on the nose and cheeks. Creepiness of the throat is characteristic.

Those with dry skin are spared the problem of acne and spots, but as they get older the lack of skin lubrication and moisture dehydration can lead to early wrinkles and loss of elasticity.


Sensitive and Allergic skin

This skin is very fine in texture and usually has a tendency to broken capillaries on the cheek and sides of the nose, where the skin is tightly drawn and very thin. It shows a great tendency to become blotchy or break out in rashes after a too severe treatment or irritation through strong preparations. Very sensitive to cold, heat and wind.


Matured Skin

This skin type shows the characteristics of a dry skin but to a greater extent. They may look very parched, saggy and dehydrated, as if no skin care has been practiced during the younger years. There has been quite possibly negligence in proper cleansing, nourishing and poor diet. The mature skin is deeply lined and loose due to lack of moisture and over relaxed facial and throat muscles.


Oily Skin

Oily skin is coarser and thicker than the other types and has a greater tendency to develop open pores, blackheads and pimples. These appear especially around the nose and chin. They are generally caused by the sebaceous glands being clogged which in turn is caused by sluggish circulation. The dilated pores, give the skin an orange-peel like appearance due to the excessive production of sebum, which prevent the pores from closing.


Combination Skin

This skin type is quite common and is rather difficult to treat. It is usually characterized by an oily centre panel or T-zone, with pores and slight oiliness in these areas. Sometimes spots appear in these areas as well as clogged pores and blackheads. The cheeks, eye areas and throat are often quite dry.



Fitzpatrick Classification of Skin



Skin Type


Reaction To Sun




Extremely fair skin, Always burns, Never tans

Red Haired, freckled



Fair skin, Always burns, sometimes tans

Fair skinned, blue eyed



Medium skin, Sometimes Burns, Always tans

Darker Caucasians, Indians



Olive Skin, Rarely Burns, Always Tans

Mediterranean, Indians



Moderately pigmented brown skin, Rarely burns, Tans profusely

Middle Eastern, Latin, American, Indians



Deeply pigmented black skin, Never burns, Always tans.

Negroid, Indians


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