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Hair originally evolved in mammals as a protective coat. However, it has lost its functional value in humans except in the region of the scalp where it is thick and coarse. Elsewhere in the body, it is fine and delicate. Although hair has lost its biologic significance, its cosmetic and aesthetic importance has increased.



Hair are present all over the cutaneous surface except……palmoplantar skin (i.e,.on palms and soles), mucocutaneous junction (i.e lips), distal dorsal parts of digits.


The hair density is maximum on the cheeks and forehead (above 800 hair/sq.cm), followed by scalp, other parts of face, trunk and extremities. The hair density is maximum at birth and gradually decreases as age advances.


Functions of hair

Hair has 2 types of function-

Vital and Accessory

  1. Vital-
  • Hair has lost most of its vital functions in humans such as protection from cold, sunlight, camouflage and tactile perception through its rich nerve network.
  1. Accessory functions are:
  • Reduces heat loss through scalp
  • Screens nasal passages
  • Minimizes friction in intertriginous areas
  • Cosmetic, aesthetic


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