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Introduction to Hair Conditioner

Hair has 2 parts living(under the scalp) and non-living(above the scalp).The non living hair strands are subjected to various physical and chemical insults are not able to repair themselves. Hence an external agent is required to restore the damaged hair, called a conditioner.
Functions of hair conditioners
  • To ensure smooth tangle free wet and dry combing
  • To reduce static electricity generated by hair comb friction to prevent ‘fly-away’ hair.
  • To improve gloss or luster
  • To improve body or volume.
  • To improve the texture of chemically or physically damaged hair.
  • To restore the cuticle and the integral lipid layer.
  • To protect the hair melanin from photo oxidation on exposure to uv radiations.
The key ingredients of any hair conditioner is cationic (+) wetting agent. The hair with the anionic(-) charge is immediately attracted to the cationic conditioner. The electrostatic changes are nullified. The result is diminished hair to comb friction leading to smooth tangle free combing and absence of flyaway.
There are four types of conditioners:
  1. Rinse conditioners.
  2. Leave- on conditioners.
  3. Deep conditioners.
  4. Instant conditioners.
  1. Rinse conditioners- They are of two types- Cream rinse or Clear rinse.
    After shampooing wash away the shampoo, towel dry the hair, then the Rinse conditioner is applied uniformly all over from scalp to the tip of the hair. Few minutes later hair is rinsed with clean water. Cream rinse conditioners are preferred for curly hairs.Clear rinse are preferred to remove the soap residue.
  2. Leave on conditioners- These are applied to towel dried hair after shampooing and not rinsed off. These conditioners lubricate hair and scalp, lustre and shine aid in styling. Ingredients are vegetable oils, waxes, silicones, emulsions. Disadvantages are greasiness and aggravation of dandruff.
  3. Deep conditioners- They attract and retain water thus moisturizing dry and chemically damaged hair.These are applied and left in the hair for more than 30 mins and then rinsed off. Glycerine and hydrolysed proteins are added as humectants.
  4. Instant conditioners- They are added in the shampoos as 2-in 1 products. Conditioning is done while shampooing. These are ideal for daily use and minimally damaged hair.

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