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Hair Cosmetics


Hair cosmetics can be classified into 3 categories:




Hair Styling Products function as after shampoo hair care products with conditioners in order to enhance the appearance and feel of hair.


Functions of Hair Styling Products

  • To coat a thin film of protective layer on the hair surface.
  • To prevent cuticular damage
  • To reduce hair comb friction and static electricity
  • To add luster, shine and manageability
  • To create fullness for thinning hair.

These are daily use products which maintain a particular hair style for few hours.





They give wet look with a very good conditioning,moisturizing,styling




They do not give a wet look but rather add more stiffness as they dry quickly. They have similar benefits as gels.



They contain polyvinyl pyrolidine, vinyl acetate with conditioning agents, glossening agents in gel formulation.


Their composition is similar to the gels but in aerosol foam.


They are of 2 types—styling and sculpting .In styling they add body to polymer coating and hold a particular style while sculpting gives heavy polymer coating and can be styled according to desire.


Hair mousses are acceptable for scalp conditions and are less irritating.


Gels come in synthetic colors but they are washed off in one shampooing whereas naturally colored gels lasts for more than 6 shampooing hence used in chemically damaged hair.



Hair gels when sparingly used give desired shape and fullness feel whoile when used generously stiff, spiky styles are possible.



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