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Mechanism of Action of Shampoo on Hair

The hair is soiled by sebum, shed scales of stratum corneum. Atmospheric pollutants and residues from hair care products.


There are three types of soil in the hair to be dealt with the shampoo.

  1. Oily soil or Sebum
  2. The Soluble soil--- is the proteinaceous matter from the stratum corneum and the protein content of sweat.
  3. The Insoluble soil--- is the atmospheric pollutants and residues from the hair care products.

The oily soil or the sebum is removed by a process called ‘myelenesis’ where the detergent particle makes contact with the lipid surface(i.e oiliness) to make lipid detergent compound which loosens and floats away into bulk aqueous solution.


The molecules of the detergent and static electricity from the hair removes the insoluble soil.


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