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Camouflage (for thinning hair)

These are natural hair fillers or fibres made of naturally occurring bio-degradable plant cellulose which closely resembles human hair. These fibres are electrostatically charged to attach to even the thinnest hair.


These microfibres increases density and thickness of any clean and dry hair. The microfibres hold until next shampooing or vigorous brushing. If these fibres happen to fall on dress or skin these can be easily brushed off and leaves no stains. These fibres are totally harmless to skin or hair.


These fibres can be safely used with other hair care products.


These fibres get attached to the existing hair by electrostatic and chemical bonding. Hence these fibres will not be removed by blowing fan, wind, sweating, exercise or light rain. They may be affected by heavy rains or swimming. They can be removed by shampooing.


Precautions and Instruction

  • Avoid inhalation or ingestion of microfibres.
  • Avoid getting into eyes.
  • Micro fibres getting into eyes can be washed with water.
  • Avoid wetting of micro fibres.

Instructions for Use

  1. Wash and dry your hair completely after bath.
  2. To be used only on dry hair.
  3. Style the hair as per choice.
  4. Hold the container with the microfibres in one hand with the container opening facing downwards about 3 cms above the thinning area and tap the container to sprinkle the microfibers over the thinned area till no scalp is visible.
  5. 0.2 to 1gm of microfibres will be sufficient for single use depending on the surface area.
  6. Once applied the fibres will merge with your hair.
  7. Post application gently tap down your hair so that the fibres merge with hair completely. Avoid hard combing, use wide toothed comb.
  8. Camouflage microfibres thus instantly covers up bald patches and thinning hair.

Available in various shades. Eg. Hairouse


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