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  • Use normal water while washing hair
  • Choose the correct shampoo for your hair type
  • Towel dry your hair. Avoid hair dryer or electric irons
  • Oil your hair regularly to condition your hair
  • Use a wide-tooth comb or a soft brush with rounded bristles to make sure you do not break or pull your hair.
  • Have a balanced diet, which is rich in proteins and minerals
  • Alternate your parting so hair doesn’t thin out.



Do not share towels and combs

  • Very hot water may damage your hair
  • When massaging your scalp, never use fingernails this creates abrasions.
  • Avoid smoking, stress, red meat, alcohol.
  • Do not keep hair wet.
  • Do not use hot oil on scalp.

Hair Myths

  • A woman should brush her hair on hundred strokes to keep it healthy and shiny.
  • Shampoo is harmful to hair.
  • Shaving hair will make it thicker.
  • Oiling hair will rejuvenate hair re-growth
  • It’s abnormal to lose 50-100 hairs/day

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