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Follicle Photobiorejuvenation (Natural Hair Regrowth of Hair)


FPR is two-pronged treatment that uses a combination of low level lasers and tricoenergizers, to increase blood circulation to the follicles, resulting in follicular rejuvenation. FPR therapy improves the strength, quality and shine of existing hair, and also prolongs the effect of hair colours and perms.

Tricoenergizers are a mixture of various naturally derived ingredients that nourish your hair follicles and increase metabolism. These high-energy compounds are applied to your scalp using a unique method of skin stimulation.

The rejuvenative properties of low level lasers have been known and studied for some years now. In clinical studies laser light has been proven to stimulate cell metabolism, protein synthesis, and tissue and cartilages regeneration, while dramatically increasing blood supply.

Low Level Lasers

These are 'Cold Lasers'.


Low Level Laser has been used for numerous conditions for over thirty years and has been the subject of over 2,500 scientific papers, published worldwide. There are no reported side effects to the treatment, which is painless, and non-toxic. Low level laser used in the Laser Comb is non-invasive and without any known side effects.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a term adopted by the laser therapy community to differentiate this form of treatment from high power lasers such as those used in surgery. The laser energy produced by the Laser Comb is within the accepted level of LLLT. The Laser Comb uses a laser diode operating in the red portion of the visible color spectrum. Laser energy is different from natural light in several ways. It is monochromatic, which means all the energy is essentially one wavelength or colour whereas a light bulb produces a broad spectrum of light and energy waves. Laser energy is also collimated which means it is a tight beam of light energy that spreads or diverges only a little at great distances while a light bulb loses its brightness very quickly with distance.


And laser energy is also coherent. All energy consists of waves of energy and in the light bulb these waves are not organized or in sync with each other. The waves of light energy produced by a laser are synched or in phase with each other. These characteristics make laser energy a truly unique form of light energy.

LLLT is used throughout the world and for the energy produced by the Laser Comb there are no reported or known adverse side effects.


A cell is in an unhealthy state when its vibrations become irregular or out-of-step with this common communications system. However, it may be brought back into harmony by being irradiated with low level laser working at quantum level.


When the 650nm low level laser is applied on hair scalp it induces the expansion of blood vessel via bio stimulation effect so that it increases the blood rate and also it makes the blood circulation smooth. It also induces the regeneration of cell by stimulating cell growth. Eventually it helps the growing of healthy hair.


Photon emission---- Absorption via photoreceptor---- Metabolism---- ATP

of cytochromes increase synthesis    
Vasodialation and increase of microhemocirculation -------  Bio stimulation Blood flow rate increase in scalp effect.Nutrition supply increase to pilar cyst and scalp cells Scalp cell activation .


Micro Current Low Frequency Stimulation (Direct Frequency)

With effective massage effect by giving tension and relaxation with the current stimulation by applying electric micro current in scalp, it stimulates the hair follicle cells and improves blood circulation.


There are two types of lasers: high power and low power. High-powered lasers are used in science and medicine. High-powered lasers generate heat that can be used in surgery and or other materials High power lasers are used to cut through tissue and give off heat. Low level laser on the other hand are cold lasers - does not give off heat and uses photo energy.


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