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Male Pattern Thinning

This is the most common type of hair loss in men. It is termed as androgenetic alopecia or more commonly as male pattern thinning.

This condition is caused by the action of male hormones in your body, namely, androgen. Androgen is a male hormone that is responsible for growth of hair follicles in the front vertex region.

On attainment of puberty, androgen starts attacking the hair genes in the fronto vertex region. Male pattern thinning is not marked by the rapid loss of hair. What happens is that, with each new hair cycle the affected hair do not grow as long, and they become finer in diameter and gradually the follicle die off.


MPT is easily recognized by its location on the scalp and by the manner in which it occurs. The recession of the hair occurs at the temples and/or thinning of the hair occurs at the front/crown areas of the scalp. The final stages of such a loss leaves a band of hair around the back and sides of the scalp and baldness over the rest of the scalp.

Likely causes include a genetic predisposition and stress.


Stages of Baldness



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