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Introduction to Hydrating Therapy for Chemically Damaged Hair

Hair care treatments and hair procedures are aimed mostly at making the hair as straight as possible, soft, bouncy, easy to comb, style and manageable. Hair straightening procedures are the most popular among people with curly, wavy hair.


Stretching of curly and wavy hair makes it appear straight and long is called Hair straightening. These can be achieved either by physical or chemical treatments.

Physical Straightening

Heating the hair at least unto 300 deg.F disrupts the hydrophilic bonds and peptide linkages between the keratin chains, resulting in the loss of cohesion between the adjacent keratin chains leading to unwinding of the spiral stresses.

This disruption is reversible when the hair becomes moist and regains humidity. This type is called as temporary straightening.


Chemical Straightening

also called as permanent straightening which lasts for 6months. This is also called as perming, relaxing. Various chemical based solutions disrupts and rearranges the strong disulphide bonds.


Hair procedures are adverse to hair and scalp. Chemical procedures are more damaging than physical because chemicals damage the cuticle to enter the cortex and subsequently damage the cortex irreversibly.


Physical treatments lead to Bubble hair. Whereas chemical treatments lead to Trichorrhexsis nodosa


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