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Deep Conditioning Treatment

Each strand of hair has 3 layers. Deep conditioning affects the outer layer which is called the cuticle. The cuticle resembles shingles on a roof. They overlap each other and should lay down flat when the hair becomes dry and damaged. These shingles stand up away from the hair shaft. This is what gives hair the dull, frizzy look. Deep conditioning in a proper way and with the right products will help to smooth the cuticle, making the shingles lay down again, giving the hair a smoother shiner and healthier appearance.


Deep conditioners cannot heal damaged hair or improve the quality of new hair grown. It is valuable however, because it can minimize any damage done to the hair. It can restore shine and manageability to hair and can add strength to hair until damaged hair grows. It is not a cure, rather a preventive, to help protect the damaged hair.


Hints for choosing a deep conditioner are:-

Reading to determine how long the product is left on. (If its stays on less than 5 minutes, it’s probably not a deep conditioner)


Look for a product that uses a plastic cap or plastic wraps on the head while it is working (plastic caps or plastic wraps help hold in the heat, allowing the conditioner to penetrate deeper for better results). Deep conditioning treatment usually takes 15-20 minutes.


Step By Step Instructions for Deep Conditioning Treatment

  • Gather the supplies needed
  • Brush the hair to remove tangles
  • Shampoo the hair, rinse and towel dry
  • Part the hair from the front to the back of the neck in a center part next, part the hair from tip of ear to tip to ear. This will give 4 sections. Clip each section up.
  • Make small section of about ½ inches and apply the conditioner section by section.
  • Apply a thin coat of conditioner, starting at scalp and working it to the ends.
  • Continue down the section making parts and applying conditioner. When a section is completed, bring hair down from top of head so its not in the way of the other sections. Move to other section, applying in the same manner and complete the entire head.
  • When applying, be sure to apply to scalp and hair, not just hair, scalp gets dry too, and needs moisture as much as hair.
  • Place plastic cap or plastic wrap on head.
  • Give hot towel or a hood dryer for 15-20 minutes. Heat opens up the hair shaft, and along with the ingredients in a deep conditioner that work to open it and gives good penetration.
  • When time is up, remove towels and plastic from head. Rinse with cold water so that it closes the shaft, trapping the moisture from the conditioner inside.
  • Lastly towel dry the hair.

After Care: Massage with oil weekly twice.

Use mild shampoo twice a week

Post shampooing apply conditioner.


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