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History taking forms an important basis for the diagnosis.

Important questions asked are-
  1. Period of hair loss (congenital, acquired)
  2. Progression of hair loss, remission (alopecia areata may show remission).
  3. Family history of hair loss.
  4. H/O- gastrointestinal dysfunction.                                                     
  5. Medical History: Stress, Thyroid, Collagen, vascular disease, Drugs
  6. In females: menstrual and obstetric history.
  7. H/O chronic illness, blood loss, recent surgical intervention.
  8. H/O hair care routine and hair care products.
  1. Microscopic examination: Derma scope (Trichoscope).
  2. Trichogram (hair pluck test).
  3. Cross-section examination.

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