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Trichogram (Hair pluck test)

It forms an important investigative tool in case of alopecia. This test is done in standardized conditions with regards to last hair washing & site of examination (Telogen hair more on frontal & vertex areas are reduced by hair wash.)


In Trichogram at least 50 scalp hairs are evaluated. Cut hair 0.5cm from surface. They are pulled out with epilating forceps or artery forceps by catching a group of hair (5-10) at a time. Pull should be along the hair, sudden & of adequate strength to reduce no. of dystrophic hair.

Examine under microscope & classify into A, T, C, Dystrophic hair as mentioned above.


A/T/C Ratio- 80-90/10-20 /1-2


Trichogram may be classified according to predominance into- Telogen (Telogen effluvium), Dystrophic (Anagen effluvium), Mixed dystrophic-tegen (Alopecia areata).

Unit area Trichogram refers to types of hair in a unit area (30mm2)


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