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What is PRP mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment. This includes multiple microinjections of PRP product into the mesodermal layer of the skin. PRP mesotherapy can be used to:

  • rejuvenate the skin of face, neck, hands, eliminate wrinkles.
  • replenish hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth in both men and women.

What are possible complications?

Mild swelling and tenderness of the treated area are very common. Typically swelling subsides in hours.

Tenderness may last a day or two. Some PRP injected areas may appear bruised. Typically bruising disappears in a week or so. Infections or viral reactivations may be possible.

How long is the procedure?

Actual treatment time varies person to person depending on the size of treatment area. It can ranging from one to two hours. The frequency of PRP Hair Treatment depends on the size and rate of hair loss and whether or not it is a combined therapy. It is generally estimated at one treatment every 4-6 months for the first year and as maintenance treatment one a year or none.  PRP Hair Treatment can be combined with Stem Cell Transplantation.


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