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Why a trichology clinic?

Hair disorders are numerous, complex, multifactorial and at times difficult to diagnose. Hair disorders provoke alarming anxiety among patients who demand special attention. As an emerging subspeciality there is need for the dermatologists to update the knowledge of trichology with the current concepts and recent advances.


An Approach to Hair Disorders

Age and duration of hair loss are the two important elements in the history which will rapidly shorten the way to diagnosis.


Certain hair disorders are more common in particular age groups. Tinea capitis, alopecia areata and trichotillomania are most common in children. Telogen effluvium and androgenetic alopecia is becoming commoner in older children especially pre-pubertal girls. In adolescents hair loss dysmorphophobic disorders are common. Diffuse hair loss is more common in adults with androgenetic alopecia predominantly. Senescent alopecia and post menopausal thinning are common in elderly men and women.



Diffuse hair loss- telogen effluvium     Gradual hair loss- androgenetic alopecia

Patchy hair loss- Alopecia areata


History revealing hair cleansing,hair grooming, hair colouring, use of hair cosmetics and environmental or occupational pollution is useful in assessing hair shaft weathering defects. Menstrual history is important in women with hair loss.



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