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Mechanism of Telogen Effluvium                                                                                              


Early Anagen release --- Occurs with stressful events, anagen is precipitated prematurely.


Delayed Anagen release --- Occurs with postpartum alopecia, hairs maintained in anagen for a long period are suddenly precipitated into telogen when the stimulus is withdrawn. (oestrogens and progestogen released from the placenta).


Short Anagen cycle--- Cause of chronic telogen effluvium wherein persistent shedding of telogen hair occurs due to shortened anagen.



  1. Postpartum Alopecia-Loss of telogen hairs occur 1-3 mths after parturition in most women. These are the hairs that were retained during pregnancy due to the influence of high circulating estrogen levels that are ‘withdrawn’ after delivery.
  2. Neonatal Alopecia-The hairs present at birth are lost within a few weeks. This is also probably due to a sudden fall of circulating estrogens leading to the loss of telogen hairs.


  1. Reassurance
  2. Treating the underlying cause

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