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Permanent Fillers

They a long lasting, non-absorbable, non-biodegradable and non-migrational fillers made from 97.5% water and 2.5% polyacrylamide.Aquamid is injected into subcutaneous tissue(deep layers of skin)and not in the dermis(superficial layer). The product integrates into the skin hence minimising the chances of migration or lump formation.


Indications & Contradictions

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Thin lips
  • Temple,cheek augmentation
  • Depressed scars
  • Acne scarring
  • Facial contouring.
  • Mental crease.


  • H/O Hyper or hypopigmentation in nasolabial folds
  • Keloidal tendency or hypertrophic scarring.
  • Known bleeding disorder or current drug treatment that could increase risk of bleeding.
  • Nasolabial folds too severe for correction in one treatment.
  • H/O any dermal filler or other injections, grafting or surgery in either nasolabial folds.
  • Glabellar lines and Lips ( Semipermanent and Permanent fillers can’t be used.

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