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Semi Permanent Fillers

Semi permanent dermal filler is made up of Calciumhydroxyl apatite (CaHA) based microsphere suspended in water based gel & is injected into the skin through a simple & minimally invasive procedure.

With its patented microsphere technology, it starts a process called collagenesis, stimulating our body to produce new collagen and encouraging collagen to grow around the injection site.

Semi permanent dermal filler is made from a biocompatible substance that’s identical to what is naturally found in our body.

It is an injectable dermal filler used in various cosmetic, reconstructive and ENT applications to augment and contour folds, depressions and vocal folds defects of the area.

How Does It Work?

CaHA microspheres are biocompatible and integrate into patient’s tissue as new collagen is produced.

These particles of CaHA slowly dissolve into calcium and phosphate ions through normal metabolic processes.


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