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  • Intra epidermal
  • Papular
  • Nappage
  • Point By Point  

Papule-  A superficial intradermal technique, which consists of injecting the product at the junction between epidermis & dermis,peeling epidermis from the basal lamina. Tip of the needle is is inserted into the most superficial layer at a depth of 1-2mm,with bevel facing upwards. A pale, clearly delineated papule appears at the time of injection and disappears within 30 mins. Suitable for wrinkles & immunostimulation.

- It is a superficial intradermal technique which consists of performing a series of injections 2-4mm apart while continuously maintaining a regular & constant pressure on the plunger. Needle is inserted at an angle of 30-60.`

 In epidermal nappage products are applied to the epidermis at a depth of less than 1mm. Advantage-causes minimal bleeding.


Point-by Point- It is deep intradermal or hypodermic injection technique, consisting of separate injections at depths from 4-12 or even 15mm depending on the area.



     Pre cleansing



     Post cleansing


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