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Introduction to Micromesotherapy

It is a minimally invasive microinjection technique used to treat variety of cosmetic and medical conditions   Vitamins and antioxidants are perfused through micro channels (300,000 holes in 6mins) created on the skin by a special equipment. They stimulates skin cells to produce and promote collagen and elastin deposition in the dermis ,just below the surface of the skin

DERMA ROLLER, the micro needles puncture the layer of the epidermis ,which is the main obstruction to penetration of the active ingredients.

There are various delivery systems in micro needling, but micro-needling via a skin roller system, which creates literally 1000s of channels through the epidermis, appears to be the most effective. Roller chanelling method is safe, cost effective & simple. Needle

depth is preset & cat penetrate deeper than the length of the needles.

Cell damage2



Indications to Micromesotherapy

  • Deep acne scars, burn & traumatic scars
  • Resistant pigmentation
  • Fine lines
  • Open pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Hair follicle stimulation


Advantages to Micromesotherapy

  1. Treatment does not damage the skin.
  2. Skin becomes thicker, with greater than a 400% increase in collagen deposition & significantly more elastin.
  3. Any part of the body may be treated.
  4. May be safely done in people with darker pigmented skin, without fear of hyper-pigmentation
  5. The skin does not become sun sensitive.
  6. The technique is easy to master using DERMA ROLLER tool that has been sp- designed for the procedure.


  1. Cleaning - Cleanse the skin good with a cleansing product that’s proper for your skin type .
  2. Anesthetic - Apply a crème for local anaesthesia on to the concerned area & leave it for about 45mins -1hour before removing it.
  3. Rolling - Choose a roller that’s fits the purpose of the treatment .Pull the skin or scalp a little with the hand not holding the roller. With the other hand , start rolling the roller in one direction from left to right, top to bottom & diagonally distributing uniform force.You must avoid imposing excessive stimulation on the eye area & cheek bones. Do not impose excessive pressure on the roller.
  4. Solution - Apply the drug or products containing the ingredients that will serve the treatment purposes evenly on the concerned area. The multiple holes created by needling will deliver the ingredients deep into the skin . Leave the drug or product for about ten minutes for more effective infiltration.
    Clean the area with the spirit. Give cold compress. Apply T- bact cream.
    Apply sunscreen on the treated area after the treatment for protection. 

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