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Yellow Peel

Yellow Peel is the latest, and weaker chemical peeling, which can promote the elimination of the epidermis, at different depths, and it can also be tailored to the type of lesion. This peeling uses the exfoliant action of the Retinol (in high concentrations) together with the action of three substances, (Niacinamide, Vit C + Vit E, Pantothenic Acid Vit B6) which block the synthesis of Melanin by preventing the transfer of Melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes.


  • Melasma.
  • Benign Hyperchromic Lesions of the Epidermis.
  • Superficial Wrinkles.
  • Acne Sequels.

This peeling is easy to apply, and when repeated, can provide the same benefits as the more aggressive peelings.

Yellow Peel should be used in a thin and continuous layer all over the face, or only in the area that needs treatment. After a superficial peeling using Alpha Beta Hydroxy Peel (to prepare the stratum corneum for a perfect and uniform penetration of the Yellow Peel) for first 2-3 sessions then can do a session of Yellow Peel. The peel should be left on the skin for a continuous period of 12 hours and then removed with water.

Normally this treatment can be repeated after 2 wks, depending on the type of skin being treated or as recommended. During the treatment of Melasma, acne sequels, photoaged skin, wrinkles this should only be repeated 4-5 times, it is enough to provoke a superficial epidermal peeling, offering the minimum inflammatory process.

The post peel period which occurs after the application of the Yellow Peel should be treated with moisturizer applied various time during the day, until the skin looses the epidermal layer (3 to 5 days).  At the end of this period, use skin lightener followed by chemical free sunblock to avoid recurrence of the lesions.

Before doing a peel keep all things ready. Do not rush at the last minute.

Take informed consent, before and after photo of the client. 


  1. Elevate the client’s head by 45 degrees.
  2. Tie Head-band.
  3. Cleanse the face with pre-peel cleanser (to be used according to the skin texture i.e oily, normal, dry etc.)
  4. Apply vaseline to sensitive areas like outer & inner canthi of eyes, angle of mouth & nose with ear bud.
  5. Explain the procedure to the client in detail.
  6. Apply Phase I in strokes with a peel brush. Strokes should be outward to inwards. Single stroke application.
  7. Keep the peel on till it dries completely.(10mins)
  8. Then apply Phase II over it in the same manner as Phase I ( Single coat only).
  9. Let this phase also dry completely.
  10. Lastly then apply Retinol cream on it.
  12. There is dryness for a almost one week after the procedure. Please moisturize liberally.
  13. Mild peeling may be experienced after 2 to 3 days which settles within a week.
  14. There is instant glow immediately after the procedure. 

Precautions: While doing peel if there is unbearable burning, stinging, redness or frosting immediately give cold compress.

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