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Woods Lamp Examination

A woods lamp is a mercury vapour ultraviolet lamp with an incorporated Wood’s filter (barium silicate glass with 9% nickel oxide) that is opaque to all wavelengths except those between 320nm and 400 nm. The 360 nm wavelengths from the mercury vapour lamp is primarily emitted by the lamp. The wood’s lamp is an important investigative tool in the diagnosis of many dermatoses.

Estimation of extent of pigmentory disorders:   

The Wood’s lamp easily accentuates the distinction between slightly hypo pigmented and normal skin areas. Pityriasis versicolor, pityriasis alba and ash leaf macules, tuberous sclerosis all show up clearly under the Wood’s lamp, especially in light skinned individuals.


Similarly the extent of lesions of vitiligo which may be difficult to detect in fair skinned individuals is clearly visible under wood’s lamp.

Hyper-pigmented lesions the Wood’s lamp accentuates epidermal melanin pigment as in freckles and most cases of melasma. In dermal pigmentation such as nevus of Ota, post inflammatory pigmentation and some cases of melasma the contrast between pigmented and normal skin is diminished. Thus it is possible to localize the site of pigmentation using the Wood’s lamp.


Skin Analysis Form



                                                          Date: ________________


Name         : ________________________________________________

Age   : _________________

Sex   : _________________


Chief complaints: __________________________________________

Duration     : _______________________________________________

Current medication: _________________________________________

Any other   : _______________________________________________

Examination: __________________________________________

Skin type   : ______________________________________________


Examination of face:

Texture: _______________________________________________

Pores         : __________________________________________________

Pigmentation: ____________________________________________

Hair   : __________________________________________________

Muscle tone: ____________________________________________


Wrinkles:                       Static/dynamic

Horizontal lines: ________________________________________

Frown: _________________________________________________

Crow’s feet: ____________________________________________

Facial grooves: __________________________________________

Warts/skin tags/moles: ___________________________________

Wood’s lamp examination: ________________________________


Treatment suggested: __________________________________

Medications: __________________________________________

Follow up date: _________________________________________


 Doctor’s signature:



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