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Introduction to Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are the building blocks of our body. We started as a stem cell and then divided into millions of cells as we grew over time. Then the reverse process of decreasing stem cells starts as we grow older. The process gets faster if one suffers from diseases like heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes.

They are undifferentiated cells which make identical copies of themselves as well as differentiate to become specialized cells. Two basic types of stem cells are present in human body.

  • Embryonic stem cells found in blastocysts can grow and differentiate into one of more than 220 different cell types we make up human body
  • Adult stem cells located in adult cell tissues act as repair system for body and maintain normal turnover of regenerative organs such as blood, skin or intestinal tissues.
    In human skin two types of adult stem cells have been identified.
  • Epithelial skin stem cells – located in basal layer of epidermis.
    They replenish and maintain the balance of cells within skin tissue and regenerate tissue damage during injury. But with age, number of skin stem cells decreases and their ability to repair the skin becomes less efficient. They have capacity to increase by 10-fold which forms high colonies and shows improved maintainence.
  • Hair bulge stem cells – located in hair follicle.
    From existing hair follicles, hair cells replace damaged or deadcells on scalp by giving chemical signals to nearby follicle cells, which haveshrunk during ageing process, to proliferate and regenerate to make healthy hair.
    Stem cells contain specific epigenetic factors and metabolites whose function is to maintain self- renewal capacity of stem cells and assure longevity of cells. They can protect cells from UV damage and act as a sunscreen. They also have property of age delaying and anti- wrinkling effect on skin. There is significant and visible decrease in wrinkle depth.

Advantages of plant stem cells:

  • It protects longevity of skin stem cells and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Delays aging of essential cells.
  • Combats chronological ageing.
  • Preserves youthful look and vitality of your skin.
  • Protection against oxidative stress.
  • Repair of DNA.

Plant stem cells are Totipotent, i.e every cell has ability to regenerate new organs   (leave, flower, seed ) or even whole plant. They can dedifferentiate and become stem cell. Tissue cell membranes, called “receptors” bind with stem cells to activate regenerative and repair processes.   

Plant stem cells are located at the apex of the root or buds. Plant stem cells reproduce themselves without altering their vitality, suffering a decline of their cellular turnover as the years go by. Stem cells show a remarkable anti-hyaluronase and anti- collagenase action that reduces deterioration of epidermal structural macromolecules, and encourages the skin’s re-densification and revitalization.

Procedure for Skin Stem Cells

Can be used in Iontophoresis.
  1. Ensure machine is in good working order and on a stable trolley. Take informed consent and before & after photo of the client.
  2. Remove jewellery from client and self.
  3. Cleanse client’s face and neck thoroughly and check for contraindication.
  4. Explain routine procedure to client and reassure about any sensation i.e pricking ,metallic taste and slight warmth. Place inactive electrode in client’s hand.
  5. Remove 2 ml of Stem cell serum into a bowl and with help of brush apply on client’s face and work round with one active roller electrode.
  6. Place active electrode on client’s forehead. Check intensity dial atzero. Make sure that the polarity switch is at negative. Switch on the machine and turn up the intensity dial gradually until client feels a pricking sensation.
  7. Move the roller electrode slowly over face and neck for 8mins,taking care not to lose contact with the skin and avoid over-stimulation of any area.
  8. After 8mins , switch off machine , turn intensity dial to zero and remove the active electrode from skin.
  9. Turn polarity switch to positive. Place the active electrode on forehead , switch on machine and turn up the intensity dial as before .
  10. Move the electrode for another 2 mins , slowly over the face and neck.
  11. Switch off machine , and remove electrodes.
  12. Tone and moisturize face .
  13. Apply cooling mask if required.
  14. No make-up is to be worn for at least 2hours, or if possible, for the rest of the day. If make-up is necessary, then apply medicated foundation and then the rest of the make-up.

Procedure for Hair stem cells

-Can be done with the help of DERMAROLLER.


Procedure :

  1. Take before and after photograph and informed consent of the client    
  2. CLEANING –Cleanse the skin good with a cleansing product that’s proper for your skin type .
  3. ANESTHETIC-Apply a crème for topical anesthesia on to the concerned area & leave it   for about 45mins -1hour before removing it.
  4. ROLLING-Choose a roller that’s fits the purpose of the treatment .Pull the skin or scalp a little with the hand not holding the roller. With the other hand , start rolling the roller in one direction from left to right, top to bottom & diagonally distributing uniform force as seen in the pictures below .You must avoid imposing excessive stimulation on the eye area & cheek bones .Do not impose excessive pressure on the roller.
  5. SOLUTION-Apply the Stem cells serum evenly on the concerned area. The multiple holes created by needling will deliver the ingredients deep into the skin. Leave the drug or product for about ten minutes for more effective infiltration.
  6. Apply sunscreen on the treated area after the treatment for protection. 

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