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Cannabis Abuse

  • Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is obtained from the flowering tops and leaves of the Indian Hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). Preparation of cannabis are Bhang, Ganja and hashish (charas). The psychoactive substance of cannabis and its preparations is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
Cannabis intoxication
  • The most common physical effects are red eye (conjunctival injection) and mild tachycardia. Other important symptoms include increased appetite (the munchies). Dry mouth, Lightheadedness, euphoria, a sense of floating in air, derealization, depersonalization, synesthesia (stimulation of one sensory modality produces sensation of other modality).
  • Flash back phenomenon : - Recurrence of experience of cannabis use, i.e., person experiences the features of cannabis use without actually using it flash back phenomenon is also seen in abuse of hallucinogens LSD, Psilocybin, Psilocin.
  • Transient psychiatric disorders: - Acute anxiety, paranoid psychosis, schizophrenia like state etc.
  • Amotivational syndrome: - Apathy, loss of interest, reduced drive and lack of ambitions.
  • Hemp. insanity or cannabis psychosis: - Acute schizophreniform disorder with disorientation and confusion.
  • Running amok (Run amok) : - Person has psychotic episode where he goes on the rampage destroying things and killing others.
Medical uses
Cannabis used medically does have several well documented beneficial effects: -
  1. Amelioration of nausea and vomiting                                          
  2. Stimulation of hunger in chemotherapy & AIDS patients         
  3. To lower intraocular tension in glaucoma  
  4. As analgesic
  5. In multiple sclerosis                                
  6. Depression
However, FDA has not approved cannabis (marijuana) to be used for any of these conditions.
Flashbacks: recurrence of experience, Occurs due to high fat solubility of compound it get stored in fat vesicle when that fat vesicle got metabolized releasing cannabis, Causing flashback phenomenon.

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