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'c' wave in JVP is due to (AIIMS Nov 2009, AIPG 2009)

A Atrial contraction

B Tricuspid valve bulging into right atrium

C Right atrial filling

D Rapid ventricular filling

Ans. B

Tricuspid valve bulging into right atrium


Normal JVP height = less than 8 cm of blood

A, C, V = Positive wave

X, Y = Negative wave

1). A wave (it corresponds to S4) − atrial contraction. Q (Positive presystolic wave)

2). C wave − bulging of tricuspid valve into right atrium during right ventricular isovolumetric systoleQ

3). V wave − increasing volume of blood in the right atrium during ventricular systole and isovolumetric

relaxation phase as the tricuspid valve is close Q

4). X descent: It is a negative systolic wave (Occurs due to 2 Reasons) −

a. Atrial relaxation b. Downward displacement of tricuspid valve during ventricular systole Q

5. Y descent: (It corresponds to S3) − Opening of tricuspid valve and rapid inflow of blood into right ventricleQ