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Cutaneous Tuberculosis and Ami

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A 12-year-old boy had a gradually progressive plaque on a buttock for the last 3 years. The plaque was 15 cm in diameter, annular in shape, with crusting and indurations at the-periphery and scarring at the center. The most likely diagnosis is: (AIIMS Nov 2012)

A Tinea corporis

B Granuloma annulare

C Lupus vulgaris

D Borderline leprosy

Ans. C
Lupus vulgaris

Lupus vulgaris is a type of cutaneous tuberculosis seen in previously infected and sensitized individuals. There is often underlying active tuberculosis elsewhere, usually in the lungs or lymph nodes. About 90 % of the lesions occur in the head and neck area and are red-brown plaques with a yellow-brown color on diascopy. Secondary scarring and squamous cell carcinomas can develop within the plaques.

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